Travel Therapy at Printers!

The TRAVEL THERAPY book is at the printers right now! How fantastic is that! You can pre-order your copy of the book on this website for more than 30 percent off by clicking on the link. You can also order your copy of TRAVEL THERAPY: Where Do You  Need to Go? at Barnes and Noble and Borders, and dozens of other bookstores, just be sure to shop around so you get the best deal.

TRAVEL THERAPY is the perfect fit in this harsh economy because it’s the first book to feature specific trips on what you’re going through in life. Think Dr. Phil, The Secret and The Travel Channel all rolled into one and that’s what you’ll find with TRAVEL THERAPY.

It’s exciting that there’s already such a buzz surrounding TRAVEL THERAPY. The book was just featured in a four minute live segment on the hit morning show FOX & Friends. To view the clip just click HERE.

The New York Palace Hotel and Gilt bar and restaurant are hosting an ultra luxe TRAVEL THERAPY launch party so stay tuned for more news!