Ritz-Carlton Launches Reward Program

How rewarding! I was just at a lunch with the new COO and president of the Ritz-Carlton, Herve Humler, where he announced the Ritz-Carlton is launching its first Ritz-Carlton Rewards program.

What I love about this new program is the theme, “Access to the Extraordinary” and how the Ritz has teamed up with some equally fabulous brands, like Vera Wang, Saks & Abercrombie and Kent, to create a unique Ritz-Rewards program where guests can not only cash in points for a hotel stay or airline miles but can also receive other luxurious experiences with partner companies.

The program’s set up to have three levels of membership from silver to platinum. You can gain silver status by staying 10 nights and for the ultimate platinum status you need to stay 75 nights.

Depending on the status you’ve earned you can get everything from complimentary room upgrades and free high speed internet access to an arrival gift of 1,000 bonus points for Platinum members.

The way it works is you can earn points or airline miles with each stay at a participating Ritx-Carlton property and you earn 10 points or two airline miles for every U.S. dollar spent on your room rate.

With Ritz-Carlton’s partnership with Marriott Rewards program you can also enjoy similar benefits when you stay at a Marriott.

Another fun part is that there will be exclusive offers just for members so no matter how much you travel it’s smart to sign up and get started and get your name on the list so you can  hear about the best deals and stay up to date with Ritz-Carlton news.

The company also says it has been eyeing having its own credit cards where members can gain special points and privileges as well so keep an eye out for that!

The new Ritz-Carlton Rewards program officially starts September 15, 2010. You can sign up by going to www.ritzcarltonrewards.com.

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