Top Travel Therapy Trips To Feel Better

Great news! I was recently asked by a top national magazine to write a feature story about Travel Therapy promoting the new book so I decided to do a fun piece listing some top vacation destinations depending on what you’re going through in life, to give people a taste of what the book is all about.

Now you can find that article right here! This great travel article gives a quick Travel Therapy prescription list that people can quickly turn to if they’ve lost their job, they’re stressed out, going through a breakup or looking for a way to re-invent themselves or do a volunteer trip 

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The piece was going to run in May but like so many top national magazine this one is struggling for ad revenue so I just found out it’s cutting tons of content, including the full Travel Therapy article. The magazine was kind enough to still add a bit about the Travel Therapy book in May’s issue, including a picture of the book’s glossy, cheerful cover, but that still left the full article up for grabs. So I’ve tweaked the magazine travel feature that lists some top travel destinations and have added it here to share with you!   

I hope you enjoy these top Travel Therapy trips! 


by: Karen Schaler 

Despite this dismal economy people are still traveling but now more than ever it’s critical to make sure you’re picking the right trip and that you’re getting the most from your travel dollars! 

The new book, TRAVEL THERAPY: Where Do You Need to Go? features more than 100 destinations based on what you’re going through in life. Written by Emmy award-winning author Karen Schaler, TRAVEL THERAPY offers the perfect prescription for what ails you. Here are a few examples to help you on your way! 


Rx: Action Adventures

TRAVEL THERAPY Diagnosis: After a breakup you need to jump start your life with an action adventure like zip lining in Puerto Rico that gets your adrenalin pumping. An affordable all day adventure option out of San Juan is Acampa Nature Adventures where you spend the day hiking and zip lining through a tropical rainforest. 


Rx: Peaceful Playgrounds

TRAVEL THERAPY Diagnosis: A quick trip to Duck Key, in the heart of the Florida Keys, can help melt away your stress without emptying out your pocketbook. Look for specials at the newly renovated Hawks Cay Resort where you can swim with dolphins.



Rx: Girlfriend Getaway

TRAVEL THERAPY Diagnosis: Get your girl on in one of the most exciting cities in the world, New York City. Whether you’re seeing the latest Broadway show, exploring museums, walking in Central Park or just sipping cocktails, NYC has you covered. Scout out the latest airfare and hotel deals at,, and



Rx: A “Learning” Vacation

TRAVEL THERAPY Diagnosis: If you’re ready to reinvent yourself you need a vacation outside your comfort zone, where you’ll learn something new. If you’re a city slicker a Montana Dude Ranch will do the trick. To help you pick a spot like the Triple Creek Ranch, go to the Dude Ranchers Association’s website at  


Rx: Affordable Spa Vacation

TRAVEL THERAPY Diagnosis: An ideal way to get your mojo back after suffering a job loss is to check into a spa in Palm Springs, California, where you can find some fantastic specials during the spring and summer months. Try La Quinta Resort & Club and the Viceroy Palm Springs.  



Rx: Volunteering with Children

TRAVEL THERAPY Diagnosis: If you’re looking for a way to give back and save money on a trip a volunteer vacation is the answer. Check out Ambassadors for Children  for a list of volunteer opportunities worldwide.  

These are just a few options of how TRAVEL THERAPY can help you change your attitude by changing your environment! To pick the trip that’s tailor-made for your needs each chapter has a quick quiz you take to make sure you’re on the right path. For example, one person going through a breakup might benefit from a zip line adventure, like the example given here, but another more laid-back person might have a better experience going to a spa where they can lick their wounds and heal.

TRAVEL THERAPY is all about picking the trip that’s right for what you need and want and affordable trips that fit your budget.  For more free TRAVEL THERAPY trip ideas stay tuned to this website where every Tuesday is Travel Tuesdays and we list the top travel specials of the week. Throughout the week we also highlight different TRAVEL THERAPY destinations from around the world and give insider information about the best travel deals and vacation packages. 

You can also pick up a copy of my new book that has just come out TRAVEL THERAPY: Where Do  You Need to Go? at any bookstore near you or get more than $6 off and free shipping by using the special link at the top of the page on this TRAVEL THERAPY website and blog.

I would love to hear about any trips you’re interested in taking or about a destination that helped you with what you were going through in life. We’re all on this journey together!