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$35,000 a Night Ty Warner Penthouse Suite!

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Here’s a TRAVEL THERAPY splurge worth checking out! A one night stay in this hotel suite will cost you $35,000 a night! It’s one of the most expensive hotel suites in the country. Here’s a closer look.

10 Coolest Things to Do in Lake Murray Country, South Carolina | TRAVEL THERAPY

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The Capital City Lake Murray Country region of South Carolina is a true TRAVEL THERAPY destination with some really unique things to do that most people have never even heard about and the cool part is a lot of the th...

10 Reasons to Visit Martinique Now | TRAVEL THERAPY

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Are you looking for something different for your next vacation? Try this exotic escape where you have the best of the Caribbean and some fantastic culinary finds and adventure options on the French Caribbean island of...

10 Reasons to Visit Vancouver BC, Canada, Now | TRAVEL THERAPY

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Are you tired of staying in the same old cookie cutter hotel? Come along with the Emmy award-winning creator and host of the new TRAVEL THERAPY TV series, lifestyle and travel expert Karen Schaler as she travels to Va...

10 Reasons to Visit Wales, Now |TRAVEL THERAPY

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What is special about visiting Wales is that there are so many unique and special places that are off the beaten path that will give you a true TRAVEL THERAPY vacation experience you'll remember forever.  So come alon...

12 Reasons to Visit Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende Now | TRAVEL THERAPY

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If your craving some culture check out the quaint and picturesque Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende that's a TRAVEL THERAPY favorite for all the cool and unique things you can do! Come along with the Emmy winning ...

12 Top Things to Do in the Rhone Alpes

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Travel Therapy Video Features Best of Rhone Alpes, France

14 Reasons to Visit Bordeaux, France, Now | TRAVEL THERAPY

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What makes Bordeaux and France's famed Aquitaine Region so special to visit is that besides having award-winning wines and top cuisine, the history, culture and scenery here are spectacular. Come along with the Emmy a...

15 Coolest Things to do in Edmonton, Canada, Now | TRAVEL THERAPY

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If you're bored with your usual vacation picks how about trying a new exciting destination where you have an eclectic mix of some really cool things to do that are affordable and fun? Come along with the Emmy award-wi...

20 Top Things To Do In The Lake Geneva Region, Switzerland

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This was my first time visiting the Lake Geneva Region of Switzerland and it was love at first sight! From the breathtaking scenery and unique world-class hotels, to the award-winning wine and creative culinary, to...

22 Top Beauty Products for 2013

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Favorite Travel Beauty Product

24-Hours of Travel Therapy at Ritz-Carlton, San Juan | TRAVEL THERAPY

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What I love about the Ritz-Carlton brand is that I can always count on having a memorable experience, whether I’m staying a week, or in this last case, just 24 hours. On my way to a Travel Therapy TV shoot on Winds...

25 Top Reasons to Visit Charlotte, North Carolina | TRAVEL THERAPY

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From visiting dozens of TV set locations for the hit show Homeland, to seeing were some of the first Hunger Games movie scenes were shot, to cool craft beer celebrations, award winning culinary, unique culture, hip ho...

35 Top Travel Domain Names For Sale

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Picking the right domain name that's perfect for your travel site and brand is one of the most important decisions you're going to make. Your domain name is your first impression, you need to make it creative, smart, ...

5-Star Corinthia Hotel London Plays Matchmaker | TRAVEL THERAPY

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Corinthia Hotel London helps you find your Prince Charming!

7 Tropical Islands in 7 Days for Travel Therapy | TRAVEL THERAPY

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One of my favorite ways to thaw out, re-boot and re-energize during the long winter months is island hopping in the Caribbean, specifically to small hidden gem islands the big cruise ships can’t get to. So when I hear...

A Royal Vacation in Wales, Walk in the Footsteps of Will & Kate WPIX-TV | TRAVEL THERAPY

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This TRAVEL THERAPY TV segment featured on the CW Network flagship WPIX-TV in the syndicated Dr. Steve Show with Emmy award-winning lifestyle and travel expert Karen Schaler features the breathtaking Isle of Anglese...

A Top Spa in the World | TRAVEL THERAPY

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Competition in the spa world is fierce so when a new Mexican spa, Auriga at Capella Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, received the top honor as World's Best Spa by Travel+Leisure magazine it's something to celebrate...

ABC Travel Show Best Spas

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Best Spas on ABC!

ABC TV & Travel Therapy!

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ABC & Travel Therapy Features Scottsdale, AZ!

Adrenalin Adventure Canyon Ranch | TRAVEL THERAPY

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Are you stressed out? Bored with your life? Looking for some excitement? Check out this new adrenalin rush at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, a world-class health and wellness retreat. On this TRAVEL THERAPY trip you...

Affordable Exotic Turkey Top Places to Stay, Eat & Play | TRAVEL THERAPY

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Turkey is a Travel Therapy favorite destination offering so many unique, once-in-a-lifetime travel experiences that will leave you inspired and empowered but won't  break that bank. From the stunning scenery, the hist...

Affordable Romantic Escapes!

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Ready for some romance? Who isn't! There are several chapters in the TRAVEL THERAPY book that focus on where to go if you’re looking to add some sizzle to your relationship or just need a quick re-connect trip where y...

Affordable Volunteer Trips!

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Who isn't tired of hearing all the doom and gloom news about the economy? It's time to start searching for the silver lining because believe me,it's there, and this silver lining includes some amazing travel opportun...

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