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$35,000 a Night Ty Warner Penthouse Suite!

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Here’s a TRAVEL THERAPY splurge worth checking out! A one night stay in this hotel suite will cost you $35,000 a night! It’s one of the most expensive hotel suites in the country. Here’s a closer look.

Travel Therapy’s Aloha Therapy

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Travel Therapy Aloha Therapy first started when  I lived in Hawaii one summer on the Big Island and fell in love with the Hawaiian Island, the people and the aloha spirit. When my Travel Therapy book came out last ...

Travel Therapy With Emmy Award Winning Travel Expert Karen Schaler

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Travel Therapy with Emmy Award Winning TV Journalist and Travel Expert Karen Schaler Features the Most Inspiring and Empowering Trips to Take Based on What You're Going Through in Life

Aruba’s Top Romantic Hideaways: Travel Therapy with Karen Schaler

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Aruba, with its award-winning beaches and stunning scenery, is one of the Caribbean's most romantic islands because there are so many special places to stay, delicious restaurants to enjoy and unique things to do that...

Aruba’s Undiscovered Adventures | TRAVEL THERAPY

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The Caribbean island of Aruba, known as 'One Happy Island' not only has breathtaking beaches and world-class hotels but some truly unique undiscovered adventures. In this Travel Therapy video come along with lifestyle...

Visit Wales & Walk in the Footsteps of Will & Kate: Travel Therapy with Karen Schaler

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For a Royal Vacation like no other travel to North Wales and visit the beautiful Isle of Anglesey where Prince William and Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been living for the past few years. Walk in the ...

A Top Spa in the World | TRAVEL THERAPY

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Competition in the spa world is fierce so when a new Mexican spa, Auriga at Capella Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, received the top honor as World's Best Spa by Travel+Leisure magazine it's something to celebrate...

Thailand’s Wild Elephant Trek | TRAVEL THERAPY

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Are you bored with the same old vacations? Ready to try something new, an adventure of a lifetime, like going on an elephant trek in Thailand? Lifestyle and travel expert and Emmy award-winning TV host & correspon...

Aruba’s Best Foodie Finds | TRAVEL THERAPY

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In the Caribbean you'll find one of the best culinary scenes on the island of Aruba where more than 90 cultures combine to create some spectacular dining experiences. Whether you want to wiggle your toes in the sand w...

Top 12 Reasons to Visit the French Rhone Alpes Now | TRAVEL THERAPY

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With amazing scenery, food, wine, resorts and spas, the French Rhone Alpes is an ideal TRAVEL THERAPY destination when you're looking to explore everything from culture to cuisine and still find some great deals! That...

10 Coolest Things to Do in Lake Murray Country, South Carolina | TRAVEL THERAPY

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The Capital City Lake Murray Country region of South Carolina is a true TRAVEL THERAPY destination with some really unique things to do that most people have never even heard about and the cool part is a lot of the th...

Purple Martin Phenomenon in Lake Murray Country, South Carolina | TRAVEL THERAPY

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For a one-of-a-kind back to nature Travel Therapy vacation don't miss a trip to the Capital City Lake Murray Country region in South Carolina to see the very special Purple Martin Phenomenon! Lake Murray is the only p...

Golf Vacation for Travel Therapy at Canyon Ranch | TRAVEL THERAPY

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Looking for a vacation where you can learn something new, like improve your golf game? At Canyon Ranch, a luxury spa and health resort in Tucson, Arizona, there are dozens of different activities you can do to help im...

Creative Vacation at Canyon Ranch | TRAVEL THERAPY

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Craving some creative energy? Need to reboot your imagination? Check out this new creative learning program at Canyon Ranch, a luxury spa and health resort in Tucson, Arizona. For more TRAVEL THERAPY ideas Karen Schal...

Adrenalin Adventure Canyon Ranch | TRAVEL THERAPY

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Are you stressed out? Bored with your life? Looking for some excitement? Check out this new adrenalin rush at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona, a world-class health and wellness retreat. On this TRAVEL THERAPY trip you...

Top Reasons to Visit San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, Now | TRAVEL THERAPY

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Ready to escape your crazy job, boss, family? The quaint Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende is the perfect hideaway when you need to reboot and re-energize! Come along with Emmy award-winning TV host & correspo...

Top Caribbean Honeymoon Resort | TRAVEL THERAPY

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The wedding is over and now it's time to celebrate and relax with a special honeymoon and Jumby Bay, a Rosewood Resort, offers up the ultimate in luxury, pampering and all the special touches you need to make your hon...

Anguilla to Relax & Rejuvenate | TRAVEL THERAPY

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Do you need to disconnect, reboot and re-energize? The stunning island hideaway of Anguilla has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, along with top resorts, food, spas and much more! So come along with the...

Thailand Top Exotic Adventures | TRAVEL THERAPY

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Looking for an adventure? Here's an exciting TRAVEL THERAPY trip to Thailand that can help that's all about getting off the beaten path...way off! Come along with the Emmy award-winning creator and host of the TRAVEL ...

Bermuda’s Top Island Spas | TRAVEL THERAPY

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Feeling stressed out? Overworked? What you need is a special spa experience to relax and rejuvenate. Here are three of my favorite world-class spas on the island of Bermuda where one treatment is even inspired by the ...

12 Reasons to Visit Mexico’s San Miguel de Allende Now | TRAVEL THERAPY

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If your craving some culture check out the quaint and picturesque Mexican town of San Miguel de Allende that's a TRAVEL THERAPY favorite for all the cool and unique things you can do! Come along with the Emmy winning ...

Bermuda’s Best Beach Restaurants | TRAVEL THERAPY

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Craving a view with your meal? Check out some of the top TRAVEL THERAPY picks for best beach restaurants and bars by the beach in Bermuda where the food and scenery is always inspiring. Come along with the Emmy winnin...

Top Hotel in Thailand | TRAVEL THERAPY

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If you're searching for someplace special for a romantic escape, a honeymoon, or just crave a luxury property where you know amazing memories will be made head to the TRAVEL THERAPY favorite Four Season in Chiang Mai,...

Top 10 Reasons to Visit Lyon | TRAVEL THERAPY

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If you're looking for a top European destination to visit where you have history, culture, award-winning restaurants, hotels and spas, you'll want to check out the French city of Lyon, the capital of the Rhone Alpes r...

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