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New Spa Trend!

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Here’s a fun new TRAVEL THERAPY find. If you’re looking for a place to de-stress or connect with friends go for a SoSpa! SoSpa is short for social spa-ing and award-winning Willow Stream and Fairmont spas around th...

Best Broadway Musical!

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TRAVEL THERAPY is all about changing your attitude by changing your environment and one inspiring journey you shouldn’t miss is seeing Phantom of the Opera on Broadway in New York City. There’s a reason this is the l...

Travel Therapy Book Signing at Borders!

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The fabulous Borders at 10 Columbus Circle in NY, NY, is hosting a TRAVEL THERAPY book event/signing!

Travel Therapy at Printers!

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The TRAVEL THERAPY book is at the printers right now! How fantastic is that! You can pre-order your copy of the book on this website for more than 30 percent off by clicking on the link. You can also order ...

Luxury Dude Ranch!

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Giddy Up! A  TRAVEL THERAPY favorite top rated hotel in the U.S. is offering two cool events coming up that you don’t want to miss. PLUS, there’s a discount if you book early. Love it! The Triple Creek Ranch in Montan...

Hotel Plaza Athenee Cocktail Recipe

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If this beautiful Parisian balcony looks familiar it’s because this is the hotel where they filmed the last episode of Sex and the City and now this TRAVEL THERAPY top property is shaking things up again by unveiling ...

Stress Busting Vacations!

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Stressed out? Searching for a place where you can pry your overly ambitious fingers off your computer and BlackBerry? Here’s one TRAVEL THERAPY favorite that guarantees pure pleasure, minus the annoying phone calls an...

Caribbean Cocktails!

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With so much coming up in 2009 worth celebrating it's time to check out some of the Caribbean's top TRAVEL THERAPY cocktail recipes! Topping the list of the best tropical cocktail recipes is a fabulous recipe from one...

Top Winter Wonderland For Travel Therapy

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Do you know where this is? Well if you love the powdery white stuff and you don’t mind bundling up a favorite TRAVEL THERAPY winter destinations is getting a crazy amount of snow this year! Featured in the new TRAVEL ...

Top NYC Luxury Hotels

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TRAVEL THERAPY continues to go international and now the latest TRAVEL THERAPY feature is all about the finding the best hotels and the top restaurants and cultural finds in NYC! A glossy and glam six page travel f...

Travel Therapy on FOX News!

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Exciting news! The new TRAVEL THERAPY book was just featured on FOX news on the top rated weekend national morning show FOX & Friends! Here's how you can watch!The focus of this live interview was all about volunt...

Peter Island’s Falcon’s Nest Villa

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Here’s a great idea for a TRAVEL THERAPY holiday gift. How about a stay in this amazing new luxury villa in the Caribbean? Love it, right!You’ll find this little beauty on the private island of Peter Island in the Bri...

$35,000 a Night Ty Warner Penthouse Suite!

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Here’s a TRAVEL THERAPY splurge worth checking out! A one night stay in this hotel suite will cost you $35,000 a night! It’s one of the most expensive hotel suites in the country. Here’s a closer look.

Best Luxury Hotels Switzerland

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If you’re searching for a great five-star hotel in Switzerland a smart place to look is the Swiss Deluxe Hotels directory because it lists the best of the best in the country. It include the hotel pictured, the classi...

Top Hip & Chic Swiss Hotels

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When you think of luxury hotels in Switzerland you usually think right away of the large and luxe properties like the Beau-Rivage, Victoria-Jungfrau and the Lausanne Palace and Spa, but there are some new first-class ...

The Dolder Grand, Switzerland

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For my first TRAVEL THERAPY visit to the historic Dolder Grand Hotel in Zurich I wasn’t sure what to expect. The five-start resort had been closed for more than four years for a $400 million dollar renovation. What co...

Best of Swiss Alps

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No matter what time of year you visit Switzerland for the ultimate TRAVEL THERAPY you need to head up into the Swiss Alps to truly appreciate all that this tiny country has to offer.  A trip to Schilthorn is a great ...


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Here is a sneak peek of the cover of the new TRAVEL THERAPY book by Emmy award-winning travel writer Karen Schaler. This world-class travel book is coming out next April! After all the hard work it’s amazing to see th...

Top Travel Tips During Hurricane Season

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The good news, there are amazing travel deals in the Caribbean and Mexico between June and November. The bad news, its Hurricane Season so you could get blown away, literally! Here’s how to take advantage of the spect...

Best Camping Vacations

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With everyone worried about the economy and searching for affordable vacations don’t forget about camping as an amazing TRAVEL THERAPY option. Here’s a look at one of the best places in the country to pitch your tent ...

Top 10 Family Resorts

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If you’re trying to plan a fantastic family vacation there are some fabulous TRAVEL THERAPY options. What you need is a “family friendly” destination that not only caters to kids but also makes sure there are enough a...

Top 10 Tips For Renting Vacation Homes

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In this economy you want to make sure you get the best deal when you’re headed out on vacation so don’t miss checking out some great deals on vacation home rentals! Renting a luxury condo or home instead of staying in...

Top Reasons to Visit South Africa

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When I was headed to Malawi in May for a two week volunteer trip at an orphanage that I was going to feature in the TRAVEL THERAPY book, I decided it was ridiculous to travel all that way and to be so close but not sp...

Best Safari Camps

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One of the best places in the world to go on safari is the Kruger National Park in South Africa. Kenya use to be “the” place to go but in many areas of the country it has become too commercialized. A lot of the safari...

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