New Website For Caribbean Travel

It’s no secret I adore the Caribbean for Travel Therapy trips because there are so many unique countries to enjoy whether you’re looking for a laid-back beautiful beach scene, an island adventure, a romantic escape or a family friendly destination. So I’m thrilled to share there’s a new website that has just launched that provides one-stop shopping for your next Caribbean vacation! I always say when doing my Travel Therapy TV show on WPIX-TV, the CW Flagship in NYC and my globally syndicated online videos that the key to planning any successful vacation is doing the research ahead of time so you’re sure to pick the trip that’s best for you based on what you want and need.

That’s why I appreciate the Caribbean’s new website so much,, because it includes 33 destinations that make up the Caribbean region and is packed with easy to navigate information about everything from hotels to activities, tours, restaurants, flights to the culture and history of each unique destination.

This colorful cool new website is jointly owned and operated by the Caribbean Tourism Organization and the Caribbean Hotel and Tourism Association.

I love that this powerful site is easy to navigate with a social media component  and is filled with inspiring photos that help give you a feel for the destinations. I think this would also be the perfect home for some of the Travel Therapy Videos I’ve done featuring the Caribbean because we all know if a picture is worth a thousand words a video is worth a million!

I’ll be sure to keep you updated. In the meantime, go check out and be sure to share with your friends who love to travel because for the launch they’re giving away some amazing trips and the Caribbean is a truly special destination with so much to offer and this new website just makes it easier to research and plan the trip that’s best for you, and that’s what Travel Therapy is all about!

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