Pay it Forward Trip to Haiti!

One of the places I’ve always wanted to visit is Haiti and while I haven’t had the opportunity yet, a friend has just recently visited and I love the fact that she did a true “Pay it Forward” trip, something I support so much as part of a special Travel Therapy experience. I’ve asked her to share her story here with you as one of my guest bloggers and I hope you find her story as inspiring as I have and also check out  her videos from her trip!

Trip to Haiti, A Pure Gift

By: Cortney Renee

If you take a trip to Haiti it will be both life changing and breathtaking! My trip to Haiti was a pure gift, and I am sure it could be the same for you.

I had no idea how gorgeous the country side of Haiti was until I saw it for myself. Like most people, the only footage I’ve seen of Haiti encompasses both the devastation from the earthquake and the suffering within the poorest areas.

After landing in the nation’s capital (Port-au-Prince), we took a drive to the beautiful city of Jacmel,  a hidden gem. The drive to this unknown treasure is heavenly, the roads wind through mountains which nearly place you in the clouds. Being a coastal city, there are obviously amazing views of both the sunrise and sunset, but the most spectacular view is the one of the Basin Bleu, a breathtaking series of waterfalls – the largest of them is one of the most magical places on earth.

In addition to seeing the breathtaking side of Haiti, we did see the devastating side as well. However, I believe we have to be more than just spectators on the sidelines, we can be change makers in the game. I went with an amazing social enterprise group, Print 4 Change, an organization that donates 50 percent of profits to people living in extreme poverty to help provide  water, food, shelter and education.

Our team worked with the partner organization Healing Haiti to help  deliver water to Cite Soleil, engage with the children of the Healing Haiti orphanages and in the slums of Cite Soleil, and serve at the hospital for the sick and dying children of Cite Soleil.

At the moment, Print 4 Change has helped to fund the first phase of Grace Village – an orphanage with a girls and boys dormitory, and a feeding center. The next phase includes an elderly home, a restavek home for rescued child slaves, and a tilapia and aquaponics initiative .


To learn more about Print 4 Change and how you cna help you can  fan our Facebook page and stay up-to-date on the ways to get involved and be a part of growing the good. We have a new fundraising tool that will help local organizations as well as efforts in Haiti and around the world. So would love for you to check us out and see how you can make a difference! I hope you get the chance to take the same adventure one day!

Written By: Cortney Renee

For more on Print 4 change and how you can help click HERE.

CHECK OUT CORTNEY’S HAITI VIDEOS: Pay it Forward Trip with Print 4 Change

Haiti Video One

Haiti Video Two

Haiti Video Three

Haiti Video Four

Haiti Video Five

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Would love to hear your experience with visiting Haiti and any other Pay it Forward ideas you might have!