This TRAVEL THERAPY TV segment that was just featured on the CW Network flagship WPIX-TV in the award-winning Morning News & on the syndicated lifestyle and wellness Dr. Steve Show in New York City with Emmy award-winning lifestyle and travel expert Karen Schaler features the beautiful and blissful British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. The British Virgin Islands, known as the BVI for short, has this authentic laid back vibe where there is something for everyone that wants to experience the true Caribbean. You won’t find any high rise hotels or casinos here. So whether you want to wiggle your toes in the sand at one of the BVI’s famous low key beach bars, sipping on a signature Painkiller ( watch out, one drink includes three shots of rum and this one sneaks up on you!) or you want to bliss out at a spa at a five star private island getaway the BVI has something for everyone. My favorite way to explore this necklace of 60 islands and cays that are just a short flight from San Juan, Puerto Rico, is by boat, motor or sail, as long as you’re on the water you’ll get the true magical feel of what makes the BVI so special. Best way to see what I mean is to watch the TV segment and learn how to win your own Travel Therapy trip to the British Virgin Islands! Good luck!