Travel Therapy on FOX & Friends

I love it (see the big smile) when I have the opportunity to do national television travel segments that really highlight what TRAVEL THERAPY is all about and over this last week the response has been phenomenal!

Here’s a look!The first stop, FOX  National News, where I have already done three different “live” television travel segments, all covering a different aspect of TRAVEL THERAPY. 

The first television appearance was on top rated FOX and Friends and it focused on chapter four in the TRAVEL THERAPY book that’s all about Volunteer Vacations and Paying it Forward. This is a topic that is so close to my heart and if even one person watching was inspired to get involved and give back then I consider the segment a huge success! In the segment I shared video I had taken in Malawi, Africa, when I had volunteered at a small orphanage there.

Click HERE for a link to watch that clip. 

Then the next TRAVEL THERAPY segment on FOX was on America’s News HQ, with hosts Kelly and Jamie, where I was able to share some great stress busting vacation tips and highlight four places you can go right now that are affordable and inspiring! 

Click HERE for a link to that clip.  

Then it was back to FOX & Friends for another great television travel segment where the focus this time was the different TRAVEL THERAPY trips you can take depending on where you’re at in your life.  I had sent the producer six different TRAVEL THERAPY video clips to profile six top travel destinations based on what a person is dealing with including:       

Stressed out?       

Lost your job?       

Going through a breakup?       

Want to reconnect with your family or friends?       

Want to reinvent yourself?       

Want to “Pay it Forward” and give back? 

We had a blast talking about the best vacations to take and played video from different destinations but what made this segment really hilarious and fun is that the hosts dressed up in outfits that fit the topic—-spa robes for the piece on stressed out, hiking gear when talking about hiking, etc.  

Trust me you have to see this one! Just click HERE for the link to this latest TRAVEL THERAPY segment on FOX & Friends and stay tuned for more to come! 


If you have a TRAVEL THERAPY segment you would like to see just leave a comment below. There are literally hundreds of different travel television segment ideas that deal with TRAVEL THERAPY. Stay tuned we’ll also be creating some unique travel videos of our own to share on this site and on my author blog at

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Have you had your TRAVEL THERAPY today?