UrLife Media Turns Your Vacations in Hollywood Movie Trailers

Since Travel Therapy is all about inspiring and empowering people to take the trips they need to take based on what they’re going through in life, people usually take a ton of pictures and videos to remember their trips But then what? The pictures often sit forgotten on their phones or in their cameras.

So now two top Hollywood movie makers, Jack Giarraputo and Ryan Hegenberger, have started a new company called UrLife Media turning your travel pictures and videos into amazing movie trailers, showcasing your priceless memories.

Jack and Ryan are passionate storytellers. Jack, a 20-year movie industry veteran, has produced movies at Disney, Paramount, Sony, Fox and Warner Bros. Jack says with his partner Adam Sandler, they had remarkably consistent success, with 14 different movies grossing over $100 million dollars. He says he loves traveling with his family and documenting it all on his phone!

Ryan has been creating movie trailers for the major Hollywood studios for over 17 years. He started on such projects as Spiderman, Men in Black, and the ground breaking HBO series, The Sopranos. He went on to found an award winning trailer company, Big Picture Entertainment, that has created marketing campaigns for some of the most profitable films in Hollywood history.

To say these two know what they’re doing when it comes to creating great entertainment is an understatement!

To really understand how cool these movie trailers are you have to check out some of the videos on the UrLife Media website.

Just HERE to watch a quick 1:00 example of a really cool movie trailer they did featuring a Travel Therapy trip I took my dad on for his birthday! LOVE IT!

I also love that for my Travel Therapy followers they’re offering a special 20% discount! For your own personal Hollywood editor just go the UrLife Media website www.UrLifeMedia and put in the code #TravelTherapy20.

I can’t wait to see what they create next!